[Programming] DirectX SDK and End-User Runtimes June 2010 Available

DirectX SDK

The June 2010 version of Microsoft DirectX software development kit (SDK) and end-user runtimes (end-user redistributable) are available.

The DirectX SDK allows to develop 32-bit and 64-bit DirectX 9, 10 and 11 applications.

You can grab the SDK setup HERE (571.7MB) and you can download the end-user redistributable HERE (95.6MB).

Here is an overview of the SDK new stuff:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Support: The June 2010 DirectX SDK includes support for Visual Studio 2010. The DirectX SDK will continue to support Visual Studio 2008 as well. However, Visual Studio 2005 will no longer be supported.
  • PIX: Object Naming Support and Usability Improvements
  • XNAMath C++ SIMD Math Library updated to version 2.03
  • New D3DCreateBlob Function
  • New ID3D11ShaderReflection Method
  • New HLSL Language fixes and features
  • New HLSL Compiler fixes and features
  • New D3D11 HLSL Format Conversion Functions

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