[GPU Tool] MSI Afterburner 1.6.0 And MSI Kombustor 1.0.10 Available

MSI Afterburner 1.6.0 And MSI Kombustor 1.0.10

MSI has published the new version of Afterburner and Kombustor, MSI’s graphics cards overclocking utilities. Afterburner is the highly customized version of RivaTuner and same thing for Kombustor which is a customized version of FurMark.

You can find a detailed changelog for both tools HERE and the download is available HERE. Both tools are shipped in the same zip package.

This new version of Kombustor is essentially a bugfix release that brings a better working with Afterburner. What’s more, Kombustor 1.0.10 uses the same GPU monitoring code than GPU Shark.

The official thread for Afterburner 1.6.0 and Kombustor 1.0.10 can be found HERE @ Guru3D forums.