[TEST] R257.15 Can Fix Everything: Radeon and GeForce Cards Can Now Work Again Together Side-by-Side for 3D and PhysX!

HD 5870 + GTX 480 = 3D + PhysX
HD 5870 and GTX 480 side by side

Do you remember this news ? Two years ago, it was possible to run in the same time a Radeon for 3D rendering and a GeForce for PhysX simulations.

But these last times, some bugs, like like this one AND weird phenomenons like the reverse gravity timebomb, have prevented the use of a dedicated GeForce for PhysX when a Radeon is used for 3D graphics rendering.

But in the new NVIDIA graphics drivers R257.15, another weird phenomenon has suddenly fixed everything: now you can use a GeForce for PhysX and a Radeon for graphics in the same time!

Great news my friends especially for Radeon owners. Hybrid PhysX is back!

GenL’s quotation (GenL is the author of the PhysX patch):

In Windows XP i’ve just extended the fake desktop, and on Windows 7 i created one non-extended – that’s all i needed to get GPU-PhysX working. And even more surprising – timebomb issue is gone too, at least for its normal time interval (~30 seconds in FluidMark).

Okay let’s make a test. In my testbed, I plugged a Radeon HD 5870 with Catalyst 10.5 and a GeForce GTX 480 with R257.15. After having tweaked Win7 desktop to enable GPU PhysX (like said right above and thanks to the video at the end of the post), I launched PhysX FluidMark 1.2.0.


The following screenshot is the proof:

GPU-Shark - HD 5870 and GTX 480
Click to enlarge

And here are the scores:

PhysX FluidMark 1.2.0 score - 60k particles - HD 5870 and GTX 480
Score for 60’000 particles – HD 5870 and GTX 480

PhysX FluidMark 1.2.0 score - 60k particles - HD 5870 and GTX 480
Score for 120’000 particles – HD 5870 and GTX 480

Good job NVIDIA!
Let’s hope it’s not an error from NVIDIA…

GPU-Shark - HD 5870 and GTX 480
The HD 5870 and GTX 480 together in GPU-Shark (simplfied view)

PhysX on ATI 5870 / GeForce 470GTX – ATI 10.5 / NV 257.15 beta:

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