MSI’s GUS: Graphics Upgrade Solution for Laptops

MSI Graphics Upgrade Solution for laptops

MSI’s GUS or Graphics Upgrade Solution is an external graphics card for laptop. The box has room for any standard PCI-Express graphics card but the power is limited to 84W so only low power consumption cards can be used. See our power consumption database to know the TDP of current graphics cards.

In the pitures and according to, a MSI Radeon HD 5670 is inside the box (HD 5670 TDP = 61W).

MSI Graphics Upgrade Solution for laptops

The box is connected to the laptop via an ExpressCard slot.

The price of the box will be around USD$100.



  • Sean Daly

    This is awesome, a way to upgrade my graphics card without having to get a new laptop. Also could be used for when the graphic card dies.

  • Fool Gamer

    not cheap but very impresive

  • neamen

    where can i buy this item?????