GluxMark2: Syntethic OpenGL and OpenCL Benchmark

GluxMark2 - OpenGL benchmark

GluxMark2 is a new graphics benchmark based on OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL. The benchmark includes several tests and gives a final score. This benchmark is a master thesis work on subject Performance evaluation of graphics accelerator at Brno University of Technology.

gluxMark2 is application focused to evaluate performance of graphics accelerator under OpenGL interface. It tries to measure performance from every point of view by using programmable graphics pipeline (vertex, geometry and fragment/pixel shaders). Some of the tests also demonstrate performance drops/gains when various effects are turned on/off. Application output is file with results and score, by which is possible to compare performance between different graphics cards in on-line result browser.

It is purely syntethic benchmark, so the results don’t have to match real performance of graphics cards in real applications (like games or 3D editors). However, application was created to be as much independent on CPU and other system components.

You can download it HERE.

Here is my score with a GTX 260 + R197.45 + Win7 64-bit:

GluxMark2 - GTX 260 score

and another one with a … GTX 480 + R197.75 + Win7 64-bit:

GluxMark2 - GTX 480 score

GluxMark2 - OpenGL benchmark

GluxMark2 - OpenGL benchmark

GluxMark2 - OpenGL benchmark