EVGA GTX 470 Superclocked+ With High Flow Bracket for Better Cooling

EVGA GTX 470 SuperClocked+

EVGA GTX 470 High Flow Bracket

EVGA has released a new GTX 470: the GeForce GTX 470 SuperClocked+. This GTX 470 features a high flow bracket that allows a reduction of the temperature by around 7°C compared to the GTX 470 reference board.

Simple cooling solution, isn’t it?

Other useful thing for people like me, who plugs and unplugs the card 10 times a day and put it on messy desk: the backplate!

EVGA GTX 470 backplate

Nice and simple protection.



  • WacKEDmaN

    omg that thing has a massive overclock!! NOT
    ive just set my clocks on my reference card to the same as this (650 core/3402 mem) and havent seen and increase in the temp at all..

    but i do like that highflow bracket and backplate. if it wasnt for the HDMI connector, id replace the standard bracket with a single slot version and really have a highflow bracket!

  • applejack

    the standard/stock backplate can be manually cut to achieve the exact same effect…

  • brosef

    Applejack, I was thinking the same thing as soon as i saw it. I was also wondering is someone were to cut the all the metal out of the flow hole, if it were to cut into the structural integrity of the card?

  • mesaone

    @applejack I was thinking the same thing. However, an paying an extra few bucks to not void the warranty is money well spent. Consider the 90 day step-up plan when you buy a card! I only buy EVGA for this reason.