[GPU Tool] EVGA OC Scanner 1.0.5 Available

EVGA OC Scanner 1.0.5

A new version of EVGA’s OC Scanner is out. The main change of this new release is the display of the current P-State in the GPU information zone.

A P-State (or (performance state) has several information but in the case of OC Scanner, I limited the definition of a P-State to the following quadruplet: {gpu clock, memory clock, shader clock, gpu voltage}.

EVGA’s OC Scanner is an artifact scanner and GPU stress test (the stress test is based on FurMark engine). OC Scanner comes with a kind of tiny-GPU-Z that gives all important graphics card information in real time and a benchmarking module is also available.

EVGA OC Scanner support and news forum is available HERE.

Currently the OC Scanner is limited to EVGA’s GTX 480 and GTX 470 but this limitation should be removed in the future.