ATI Stream SDK 2.1 Adds OpenGL Interop to OpenCL

ATI Stream SDK


AMD has released a new version of ATI Stream, its OpenCL SDK.

You can download it HERE

This new version of ATI Stream SDK adds the support of OpenGL interoperability (or GL Interop in short) and the support of double precision floating point (fp64). For more details on GL Interop, see this page.

AMD has also added the support of binary OpenCL kernels.

Here is the list of main changes in ATI Stream v2.1:

  • Support for openSUSE 11.2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4.
  • Support for OpenCL / OpenGL interoperability.
  • Support for OpenCL byte addressable stores.
  • Support for OpenCL™ images.
  • Extension: Support for double-precision floating point basic arithmetic in OpenCL C kernels.
  • Extension: Support for AMD media operations in OpenCL.
  • Extension: Support for device fission in OpenCL.
  • Extension: Support for device attribute queries in OpenCL.
  • Preview Feature: Support for binary OpenCL kernels.
  • Additional OpenCL samples: HistogramAtomics, MatrixMulDouble, MatrixMulImage, SimpleGL, SimpleImage, SobelFilterImage, URNGNoiseGL.
  • Stream KernelAnalyzer 1.5 installer now bundled with the ATI Stream SDK v2.1.

I’ll test and update GPU Caps Viewer asap!

Thanks to Simon F. for the news ;)

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