[GPU Computing] GPCBenchmark OpenCL Benchmark


GPCBenchmark OpenCL Benchmark

Here is a new rough-and-ready GPU computing tool that comes to us from China. GPCBenchmark is an OpenCL based benchmark that evaluates the performance of OpenCL capable devices with a collection tests: global and local memory bandwidth, single and double precision floating point performance, common mathematics operations (256×256 matrix multiplcation – ouch!), image processing and encryption (SHA-1).

Here are some results. My system: Core i7 960 + GT 240 + GTS 250.

SHA-1 test:
– CPU: 34.752 Million loops / sec.
– GTS 250: 122.666 Million loops / sec.
– GT 240: 81.496 Million loops / sec.

GPCBenchmark OpenCL Benchmark

Local memory bandwidth test:
– CPU: 182.966 GB / sec.
– GTS 250: 742.682 GB / sec.
– GT 240: 421.841 GB / sec.

GPCBenchmark OpenCL Benchmark

On some tests like single and double precision floating point or common mathematics, I got no results after several minutes.



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