An OpenCL Version of PhysX Soon Available?



Update (2010.04.30): this news is based on a one-year old news from Why X-bit labs serves us an old news ? Seems an error… the original page at X-bit labs has been removed… Not cool from a major website to publish such kind of news. This news is not wrong (and maybe still active at NV) and refreshing an old news is useless… but OpenCL PhysX seems to be a hot topic if you count the number of sites that have relayed the news ;)

According to X-bit labs, NVIDIA could eventually release a version of PhysX accelerated by OpenCL.

Keep in mind that an OpenCL version of PhysX does not mean a complete re-writing of the engine but only the GPU accelerated part which is actually based on CUDA. One consequence will be that Radeon owners will enjoy fast PhysX too. Another second consequence will concern the devices that are OpenCL capable: CPU, GPU and even NPU (Network Processing Unit like EVGA’s Xeno)…

AMD’s OpenCL implementation supports both CPU and GPU codepaths. So a system with a high end 6-core CPU and a dual-GPU graphics card will be a killer PhysX rig (of course if the OpenCL PhysX version allows the use of CPU which is the responsibility of NVIDIA). And if we are lucky, AMD will finally release an official OpenCL support like the one already done by NVIDIA.

However, Mr. Mohammad warned about possible performance issues with non-Nvidia hardware, claiming that ATI is much behind Nvidia when it comes to GPU computing.

…possible performance issues… and possible lack of features ;)
Like OpenGL, OpenCL is based on extensions for new features, and AMD will have to follow NVIDIA to keep PhysX operational…


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