Ruin Island: OpenGL / GLSL Demo with Full Source Code

RuinIsland: OpenGL / GLSL Demo with Full Source Code

Here is a 3-month work by a group of french students (IMAC engineering schoo): a C++ / OpenGL / GLSL realtime 3D demo with various effects such as motion blur, depth of field, parallax occlusion mapping, and so on.

You can grab the full source code and binaries HERE.

I quikly tested the demo on my GeForce GT 240 and with an average FPS of 60…



  • Rik55

    I’ve tested on a HD4850 with driver version 8.742 (unreleased) under OpenGL vesion 3.3.9837 Compatibility Profile Context. The only issue is with Bloom (it inverts the colours). Once Bloom is disabled, colours are restored.

  • Igor


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  • Rik

    Why are people testing OpenGL demos with consumer cards that are focused on DX performance? Surely this demo should be tested on Quadro or FirePro?

  • teal

    the source code link doesn’t work anymore. where can i get it?

  • kidd_wade

    Just watch the video, really amazing!!! The illumination effect of the water surface is beautiful