Hybrid PhysX Patch 1.03 With Reverse Gravity Timebomb Fix

PhysX FluidMark showing the timebomb reverse gravity
PhysX FluidMark showing the timebomb reverse gravity

A new version of the PhysX patch that allows a Radeon card (for 3D rendering) to be used with a GeForce card (for PhysX) is available.

If you read the release note there is a pretty shocking thing:

– added support for fixing a timebomb, introduced in 196.75 and 197.xx drivers (gravity reverse + overall slowdown after a few seconds of PhysX processing)

What ? NVIDIA has introduced a timebomb in their ForceWare / PhysX drivers to prevent the use of GeForce with a Radeon ?

Now I understand the gravity reverse effect I saw in this video of FluidMark:

Sometimes reverse gravity can be cool:

Nurien PhysX reverse gravity
PhysX Nurien demo and reverse gravity

Really pathetic from NVIDIA…

I tried to test this patch (HD 5870 + GTS 250) but I didn’t manage to see the PhysX entry in NV control panel in order to enable Physx on the GTS 250. I don’t know what’s wrong with my test system (maybe the NV drivers that are not happy…)..

Anyway, if you’re interessed by this patch you can grab it HERE or HERE.

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