ComputeMark: DX11 DirectCompute Fluid Simulation Benchmark

ComputeMark - DX11 DirectCompute Benchmark

ComputeMark is a new DirectX 11 benchmark based on DirectCompute, Microsoft’s GPU computing solution.

ComputeMark is based on the DirectCompute fluid simulation.

You can grab ComputeMark here:

Here are some results on an Intel Core2 E8400 CPU @ 3GHz, 2GB DDR3, Windows 7 64-bit and Catalyst 10.3:

MSI R5770 Hawk:
– Benchmark score: 1185
– Average FPS: around 18
– Burn Test: 6993 / BURN passed, max GPU temp: 62°C

ATI Radeon HD 5870 (reference board):
– Benchmark score: 2307
– Average FPS: around 37
– Burn Test: 13371 / BURN passed, max GPU temp: 73°C

On my system, the rendering is not smooth, there is a slowdown every two seconds…

And you, what are your scores ?

If you don’t have a DX11 system, here is an overview of ComputeMark and the fluid simulation: