GeForce GTX 480 vs Radeon HD 5870 DX11 Tessellation Comparison

DX11 tessellation - hair demo

DX11 tessellation - hair demo - GTX480 vs HD5870

The guys at Hi Tech Legion have reviewed the GeForce GTX 480 and have done some DX11 tessellation performance comparisons between the GeForce GTX 480 and the Radeon HD 5870.

Island Demo

DX11 tessellation - island demo

DX11 tessellation - island demo - GTX480 vs HD5870

SubD11 Demo

DX11 tessellation - SubD11 demo

DX11 tessellation - SubD11 demo - GTX480 vs HD5870

The SubD11 sample implements the algorithm described in the paper “Approximating Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces with Bicubic Patches” by Charles Loop and Scott Schaefer (which is available from the preceding link to Microsoft Research’s Web site). This sample is similar to the SubD10 sample in the DirectX SDK, except that it has been enhanced to take advantage of three new Direct3D 11 pipeline stages: the hull shader, the tessellator, and the domain shader.

Detail Tessellation

DX11 tessellation - Detail tessellation demo

DX11 tessellation - Detail tessellation demo - GTX480 vs HD5870

Detail tessellation adds geometric detail onto material surfaces by using DirectX 11 Tessellation to introduce new vertices onto the underlying geometry and displacing those vertices according to an accompanying height map.

PN Triangles

DX11 tessellation - PN Triangles demo

DX11 tessellation - PN Triangles demo - GTX480 vs HD5870

This sample, contributed by AMD, presents a technique for achieving smooth surfaces from the position and normal data of a low-density mesh. It utilizes Direct3D 11 APIs and hardware to make use of the new tessellation stages of the pipeline.


6 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 480 vs Radeon HD 5870 DX11 Tessellation Comparison”

  1. Psolord

    Yes, that’s all nice and cool, but by the time they have any real significance in real world gaming, both ATI and Nvidia will have released another two generations of cards.

    So would someone impose on himself the added heat/cost/noise of the new GeForces?

    Granted, GF100 is really really promising, but let’s see what Crysis 2 will have to say about all this…! 😉

  2. filip007

    nVidia made univesal Hair demo and make it slow for Radeon too that’s funny yes!

  3. mike kitchen

    yes and also ati have had dx11 cards out for some time, and it looks like nvidia is going to kick there ass again, i own a 4870×2 and i am happy with it, but there will always be compition, also take into account that the new nvidia card has had only a few drivers made for it, i think once nvidia gets there fingers out, ati wont have a chance. and not all the dx11 demos listed above run just for nvidia cards and the nvidia card is doing better in terms of dx11 performace.


    These tests are useless . GTX 480 must be compared
    to HD 5970 . Of course six months late Nvidia that has a lot more Vram and is More expensive is going to be faster .I think non of the new graphic cards
    are in the same class to be compared .

  5. ForMol

    Recently my gtx275 has broken and i find myself forced to get another gpu…and here i am checking some numbers as I did on other websites

    I’m sorry to say this .. But the values shown are severely pomped on the Nvidia card there … and lowered on the ati one. not realistic comparing to the overall dx11 demo values

  6. Unknown

    This looks like a marketing scam from Nvidia!!
    Ati is just a better card. PERIOD!!!!

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