DX11 DirectCompute Buddhabrot Demo

Direct3D 11 Buddhabrot Demo

Here is a DX11 DirectCompute implementation of a Buddhabrot renderer. Full VC++ 2008 project is provided as well as the executable.

You can download the demo with source code and exe here

The Buddhabrot is a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set which, when traditionally oriented, resembles to some extent certain depictions of the Buddha. When viewed upside-down, it vaguely resembles a human face with large, triangular glasses or goggles over its eyes.

Seeing a Buddha is not too difficult with a little imagination but a human face with glasses is another story…

Anyway, I tested the demo on Windows 7 64-bit with a Radeon HD 5870 with the Cat 10.3 / OpenGL 4.0. Here are some numbers:
FPS: 45 (no matter the resolution of the screen)
Samples per second: 459’506

For those that can’t see the demo, here is a video:

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  • CarstenS

    Hi JeGX,

    Something’s wrong with your HD 5870! With no special tricks, but the normal 10.3a Catalyst and Ati Stream SDK 2.01, I’m getting 95is Fps (950k samples). 🙂

    Also, the CPU version is only single-threaded – right?