PhysX 9.10.0222 Disturbs Hybrid ATI+NV Systems

The latest PhysX System Software that comes with latest titles such as Metro 2033 prevents the hybrid ATI+NV hack fron running (hybrid ATI+NV is a system with a Radeon for graphics rendering and a NVIDIA for PhysX simulation – this news and this one are a good way to refresh your memory).

The above video shows the problem with FluidMark. FluidMark starts properly, but at the middle of the test, GPU PhysX dies and CPU starts processing PhysX effects. Other PhysX-based apps are impacted like Mirror’s Edge, Batman AA or Metro 2033.

Now, a new patch is available to fix PhysX 9.10.0222 bug:

To sum up a bit, if you have a hybrid ATI+NV with PhysX 9.10.0222 (and forceware 197.xx), you have to install:
1 – GenL Mod 1.02
2 – Containforum fix 1.02

NGOHQ hosts a big thread about hybrid ATI+NV and the problems and the solutions…


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