Multi-GPU: Two GeForce GTX 470 and One Radeon HD 5870 with MSI’s Hydra Driver

Hydra engine

2 x GeForce GTX 470 and 1 x Radeon HD 5870 on a Hydra based motherboard

MSI is working a new multi-GPU driver for their Big Bang Fuzion motherboard based on Lucid’s Hydra technology.

This new driver will support a 3-way multi-GPU mode called X-mode.

Hydra is a GPU-independent graphics scaling technology that takes as input the graphics flow data and splits it intelligently before redistribute the graphics workloads across multiple GPUs in real-time. GPUs can be a mix of GeForce and Radeon like in the screenshots above: 2 x GeForce GTX 470 AND 1 x Radeon HD 5870.

MSI Big Bang Fuzion motherboard
MSI Big Bang Fuzion motherboard



  • MaLDiTo_TeXuGo

    What about that feature that disables PhysX hardware acceleration in a presence of another GPU brand on the system? Is Hydra drivers prevent from this?

  • J

    My guess is they’ll use the mod that gets rid of that.

    I’m running an 5850 and 8800gts (not great for physx but for 20 bucks…..)

  • Athlonite

    @ J if physX is all your doin on that 8800gts then it’s more than enough power to do it

  • Athlonite

    Hydra is what Crossfire or SLI should have been doing shame though the mobo’s with it on cost so much