[Update] Radeon HD 57xx Will Run OpenGL 4.0 FP64 Operations On GPU

OpenGL 4.0

ATI Radeon Premium Graphics

In my previous news, I said that FP64 (64-bit double precision floating point) operations will be emulated in software mode on CPU. Actually this is NOT TRUE!

AMD just informed me that there is some partial FP64 support on HD 5770 and HD 5750 and, thanks to some clever routines in the OpenGL driver, FP64 operations will be executed all the same by the Juniper GPU (the GPU behind HD 5770 5750). So only minor performance drops are expected.

This is a rather good news for all Radeon HD 5770/5750 owners!

And thanks to AMD for the clarification!

Anyway, as soon as Catalyst will have OpenGL 4.0 support, I’ll do some FP64 tests with a little R5770 Hawk