[BUG] Artifacts Caused by PhysX? Nope, They are Caused by R196.75 (Update)

PhysX - artifacts

Since I switched back to R196.34, the artifacts have disappeared, even under hefty load…

Conclusion: R196.75 are really crappy and dangerous.

Now the question: how can we trust the WHQL certification ????

Yesterday, I suddenly got artifacts on FluidMark (the graphics card was a GeForce GTS 250).

That happened just after a CPU intensive test with PhysX. And after those artifacts were also present on other OpenGL apps like GPU Caps Viewer like in this OpenGL 3 demo:

PhysX - artifacts

Maybe the multithreaded test I did with FluidMark has been a little bit too much intensive and maybe the NVIDIA driver has been corrupted. I don’t know. The GPU temperature was low (40°C) even when the 3D app was running so I think those artifacts are not related to a GPU overheating. Anyway, a reboot was enough to get rid of artifacts.

I hope these artifacts are not related to the buggy ForceWare 195.76 because I currently use this driver on my dev-station. But my GTS 250 has a Scythe VGA cooler that is not controlled by the card (then is not affected by the bug) so both fans of the VGA cooler work all the time…


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