Radeon HD 4290 (AMD 890GX)

Radeon HD 4290 - AMD 890GX

Radeon HD 4290 - GPU Caps Viewer

AMD’s new chipset, the 890GX, includes two chips: the 890GX and the SB850. The SB850 is the southbridge (I/O management) and the 890GX is the northbridge. The 890GX includes the graphics part and the PCI-Express lines management.

The graphics part of the 890GX is made with the Radeon HD 4290 which is based on the RV620 GPU with the following features:

  • stream processors: 40
  • GPU clock: 700MHz
  • Memory clock: 667MHz
  • Memory size: 128MB (on board) + system memory
  • OpenGL 3.2 and Direct3D 10.1
  • OpenCL 1.0
  • Hybrid CrossFire: when a Radeon HD 5450 is present, you can enable CrossFire support: HD 4290 + H 5450…

More information about AMD 890GX chipset HERE.


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  3. LimonJuice

    i have an asus m4a89gtd pro motherboard with the 4290 graphics
    i want to know if the 5450 is the only gpu i can put in hybrid crossfire with my mother board…


  4. dafunk_lull

    im utilising the hd4290 intandem with a hd2400xt and it still crossfire’s

    strange eh

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