[PREVIEW] PhysX Simulation on a 16-Core CPU

FluidMark - 16-core CPU
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I’m still coding the new FluidMark with multi-core CPU support and in order to test with more than 4 cores (my dev station really sucks with its 2 CPU cores and my test bench is a little bit better with 4 CPU cores) I asked to David from french website PC Inpact to play with the unstable version of FluidMark on a 16-core CPU.

As you can see on the screenshot, the 16 cores are fully loaded 😉

Currently I have some little problems with multi-core support and PhysX GPU (there are some crashes when hardware PhysX is used with multithreaded simulation) but I’m about to find a solution…

Stay tuned!

For the french readers, the full story is available HERE.

Update (2010.03.05)
Reply to AMD contest: What Would You Do With 48 Cores?

Here is what I would do with a 48-core CPU:

FluidMark - 64-core support

And 64-core CPUs are already supported 😀