[PREVIEW] Multi-Core CPU PhysX on a Quad-Core CPU

FluidMark - Multi-Core CPU Support in PhysX
Multi-core CPU in PhysX in action on an Intel X9650…

I can now confirm that multi-core CPU support works in PhysX.

The above screenshot comes from my test bench with an Intel Core 2 Extreme X9650 @ 3GHz, a MSI R5770 Hawk and Windows 7 64-bit (by the way, I noticed that Windows 7 has a better multi-threading support – compared to WinXP and the countless number of reboots I had to do… – especially when dealing with deadlocks and other out of control threads 😉 ).

I hope to release the new FluidMark shortly but I must work on other things before (I don’t have a multi-core brain…).

2 thoughts on “[PREVIEW] Multi-Core CPU PhysX on a Quad-Core CPU”

  1. Psolord

    Oh yes, your brain is the most multi core thing, in the known universe! So cut the excuses and go on with it!

    Just kidding! 😛

    I will do a comparison between my Q9550 and my i7-860. I am really curious to see how the extra threads of the i7 will fare!

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