ATI Stream SDK 2.01 Adds D3D Interop to OpenCL

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AMD has updated its OpenCL SDK officially called ATI Stream SDK.

One of the main changes in version 2.01 is the experimental support of DirectX 9 interoperability (D3D Interop in short). The D3D Interop is not official so no OpenCL extension related to this support is exposed. I hope the GL Interop (OpenGL interoperability – see HERE for more details) will be added in a next update (GPU Caps Viewer will be happy!).

Version 2.01 changelog:

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3.
  • Support for debugging OpenCL with GDB on x86 CPUs under Linux.
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL / Microsoft DirectX 9 interoperability.
  • Additional OpenCL samples: BoxFilter, FFT, GaussianNoise, URNG.
  • Stream KernelAnalyzer with OpenCL support (available for download separately from Stream KernelAnalyzer Product Page).
  • Various OpenCL compiler and runtime fixes and enhancements (see developer release notes for more details).
  • Support for ATI Radeon HD 5670 GPU and ATI Radeon HD 5570 GPU.

More information and download HERE.


9 thoughts on “ATI Stream SDK 2.01 Adds D3D Interop to OpenCL”

  1. P10-17000

    I installed PhysX (software emulation on ATi) drivers before Stream2.01:

    On Sandra2010 Engineer, when you create a report so it runs all GPGPU benchmarks it continues for 18hrs (and counting…)

    For some reason GPU-Z does not detect that I have an OpenCL GPU.

    Reports intermittent 2% load on the GPU and 100%(with 50% kernel) on one CPU thread, the 4 hyperthreads are parked.

    It seems one of the benchmarks is running something meant for 1600 GPU-threads on a single CPU-thread due to the PhysX driver interfering?


    P.S. Is there a seperate OpenCL driver somewhere on khronos?

    because the StreamSDK says it supports OpenCL1.0, so I figured that’s all I needed.

    P.P.S It looks like the problem is with the STREAM codepath of the benchmark, it locks at 50% with 100@ CPU utilization on 1 out of 8 available CPU threads for over 18hrs?!

    Also, the double is being emulated on DirectCompute and OpenCL, I don’t think that is normal either, since I get 120Mpixels max instead of ~450 shown for the reference 5870 result.

  2. wojtekm

    There _is_ CL/GL interop already implemented, from the developers release notes:

    For OpenGL interoperability with OpenCL, there currently is a requirement on when the
    OpenCL context is created and when texture/buffer shared allocations can be made. To use
    shared resources, the OpenGL application must create an OpenGL context and then an
    OpenCL context. All resources (GL buffers and textures) created after creation of the OpenCL
    context can be shared between OpenGL and OpenCL. If resources are allocated before the
    OpenCL context creation, they cannot be shared between OpenGL and OpenCL.

  3. Athlonite

    Hi JeGx i have found that using the new ATI Stream SDK 2.01 win64 breaks OpenCL support in GPU Caps 1.82 comes up saying it cant find any OpenCL device no tick in the cl box and no devices on the cl page

  4. Athlonite

    @JeGX: Same thing no OpenCL although it does say Direct compute is available

  5. Athlonite

    it’s weird the files are in exactly the same places as 2.0.0 same file names just bigger in size than 2.0.0
    system is
    HIS HD5770 1GB Catalyst 10.1 58xx hotfix
    Athlon x2 7750BE
    Windows 7 x64
    ATI Stream SDK 2.0.1 win64

  6. Athlonite

    @P10-17000 does removing physX make the GPGPU benchmark complete ok if it does you might look at reporting a bug to sisoft and nVidia

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  8. fdfd

    What a joke of SDK…
    It does not even support images!
    And it’s bugged as hell…

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