ATI Stream SDK 2.01 Adds D3D Interop to OpenCL

ATI Stream

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AMD has updated its OpenCL SDK officially called ATI Stream SDK.

One of the main changes in version 2.01 is the experimental support of DirectX 9 interoperability (D3D Interop in short). The D3D Interop is not official so no OpenCL extension related to this support is exposed. I hope the GL Interop (OpenGL interoperability – see HERE for more details) will be added in a next update (GPU Caps Viewer will be happy!).

Version 2.01 changelog:

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3.
  • Support for debugging OpenCL with GDB on x86 CPUs under Linux.
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL / Microsoft DirectX 9 interoperability.
  • Additional OpenCL samples: BoxFilter, FFT, GaussianNoise, URNG.
  • Stream KernelAnalyzer with OpenCL support (available for download separately from Stream KernelAnalyzer Product Page).
  • Various OpenCL compiler and runtime fixes and enhancements (see developer release notes for more details).
  • Support for ATI Radeon HD 5670 GPU and ATI Radeon HD 5570 GPU.

More information and download HERE.


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