FurMark 1.8.0 Hot Like Hell Edition Available

FurMark 1.8.0

2010 first edition of FurMark is available. And this new version will overheat your GPU(s) like hell. For a hot winter!

UPDATE (2010.04.19)

FurMark 1.8.2 is available HERE.

FurMark 1.8.0 Download
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For those who discover it for the first time, FurMark is a popular OpenGL graphics card overclocking validation utility that push to the max your graphics adapter. FurMark is a quick way to check the stability of your graphics card after an overclocking.


FurMark can also read GPU-Z data if GPU-Z is running:

FurMark 1.8.0 + GPU-Z

I updated the post-processing effect (post FX) to simulate an intense heat around the torus.

I also added a new effect based on vertex displacement mapping to increase the global workload of fur rendering. The displacement mapping controls the height of fur and you’ll see some parts of the torus with very short fur:

FurMark 1.8.0 - displacement mapping

The startup interface localization is now done with XML files in the localization/ folder. You can easily create a localization file (don’t forget to save it in UTF-8 format) and when it’s ok, you can send it to me for an integration in a next update of FurMark.

FurMark 1.8.0 - Startup graphical user interface

This new version is targeted to recent graphics cards with an increased rendering workload. The scores you’ll get with your graphics card will be lower than the ones got with previous versions of FurMark. Then I give you some average scores I get with my test system:
– CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme X9650 @ 3GHz
– RAM: 2GB DDR3 1333MHz
– Windows XP SP3 32-bit
– Benchmark common settings: fullscreen, no AA, 60 seconds.

MSI Radeon HD 4850 (Catalyst 9.5 – this version has no protection against FurMark)

  • 1280×1024 – no effect: 1770 points
  • 1920×1080 – no effect: 1600 points
  • 1920×1080 – post FX: 1560 points
  • 1920×1080 – displacement mapping: 1220 points

Two MSI Radeon HD 4850 CrossFire (Catalyst 9.5 – this version has no protection against FurMark)

  • 1280×1024 – no effect: 3440 points
  • 1920×1080 – no effect: 3170 points
  • 1920×1080 – post FX: 3080 points
  • 1920×1080 – displacement mapping: 2420 points

AMD Radeon HD 5870 (Catalyst 10.1)

  • 1280×1024 – no effect: 5900 points
  • 1920×1080 – no effect: 5400 points
  • 1920×1080 – post FX: 5300 points
  • 1920×1080 – displacement mapping: 4180 points

I will publish a post with more scores (GeForce and other Radeon) as soon as possible.

FurMark 1.8.0 changelog:

  • New: now all options are available in benchmarking mode: Xtrem Burning (XB), postfx (FX) and displacement mapping (DM).
  • New: added new effet (displacement mapping) on the fur rendering.
  • New: GUI translation is done with XML files in the localization folder.
  • New: added hotkeys: P to enable/disable post fx rendering, T to enable/disable temperature graphs rendering.
  • New: gpu temperature is now exported in xml and csv formats.
  • New: twitter submission displays a login dialog box to tweet your score.
  • Change: the fur rendering workload has been increased to produce more heat.
  • Change: improved temperature graphs readability.
  • Change: updated with the latest version of ZoomGPU for graphics hardware detection.

The background image comes from Desktop Nexus (Update 2009.02.03: thanks to a reader, I found the real source of the bkg image: Concept art – Lineage 2 Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny).

FurMark interesting posts:

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  2. shoosh

    FurMark is great but it loads only a single GPU. If i have two GPUs which are not connected with SLI, The second GPU remains idle.
    Is there a chancen you’ll add a CUDA extension to FurMark which loads all of the other GPUs which are not connected to a monitor?

  3. JeGX Post Author

    CUDA is limited to GeForce cards and I don’t want to manage NVIDIA specific things. When OpenCL will be easily available on GeForce AND Radeon, I will re-consider your idea 😉

  4. Leith

    My max temp on my brand new XFX 5850 Black Edition in 86 deg C.

    At 1280×1024 displacement mapping I get 4825.

    (I just noticed that the Tab key order of your dialog controls is messed up on both the main dialog and the benchmark results dialog. The Tab focus jumps all over the place… e.g can’t Tab from email to name for score submit)

  5. Korvin77

    thank you for this beautiful application which knocked down my Palit Sonic Radeon 4850 (720MHz core) after 6 min 20 sec! That was the very nice small crash 😀 I just have defective Palit Sonic which really doesn’t like warming up over 80C

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  8. Lagsalot

    I do hope they payed royalties for the concept art image of Valakas (Lineage 2 Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny | Copyright NCSOFT)

  9. JeGX Post Author

    @Lagsalot: thanks for the reference of the bkg image. Maybe I should change it…

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  13. Mart

    The dragon logo on the back doesnt look too cool. Maybe remove it or make it user selectable ?

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  17. Fl00D

    After pressing ESC Furmark won’t exit. I get a black screen with the cursor and only after pressing ESC again would Furmark exit. I guess it’s not hw related since I have no problems during the stability test. – Win7x64, Catalyst 10.2. (Sapphire 5870 1GB Vapor-X Rev2, msi 790FX-GD70, PhenomII X4 965 @ 3.7GHz, 4GB K. HyperX 1600MHz, WD CB 640GB, Corsair 750HX) Any idea wot’s wrong? 🙂

  18. Zen00

    I noticed a bug. Even though I have no AA selected, whenever I run a benchmark it reports 4x AA.

  19. uni3que

    Furmark is prompting an error that your graphic card doesnt support open GL 2.0. I have ati 5770. help me out here

  20. Stan

    I’m running a HD5970, do I use the multi-gpu or the single because if I try to use the multi to stress test the card my computer keeps rebooting


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  29. Me

    is it possible to put the load to the secound connected GPU? i tryed but Furmark was only rendered on the GPU wich is set to Main Display. i tryed to shift the window to second GPU connected Window but this doesnt heat up the 2. GPU.

  30. Thelma

    loaded furmark but when I started it there was an error message as follows

    FurMark.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    does this indicate a graphics card issue?



  31. maks

    Mmh, i’ve tryed to test a Notebook Nvidia GeForce 9700M GTS card. After a few minutes the test has started (with newst Version of Furmark in Burning Test) the screen get black. Blackscreen light works further. Shock to me, Graka is demaged….. nothing works futhermore…
    But after reset of the system, etherything works fine.
    What is this? Bug in the FurMark or what else.
    Have anyone an explanation any idea?

  32. Jeremy

    I have: MSI Big Bang-XPower, core i7 920 @ 3.3ghz, 12GB ram @ 1306mhz, (2)GTX295s in quad SLI, Crucial RealSSD SATA III 128gb. I am using multi gpu furmark and I’m trying to reduplicate some issues I’ve been having. I want to know where I should be at so I can tell when my system is working right and not. I run v1.8.2 with benchmarking, 60,000ms, 1920×1080, displacement mapping, extreme burn, full screen, and 16x msaa. Score of 4,7xx one time and 15,4xx another. Obviously the first time was a dud but does the second sound good? Also I’m a mathematician so it interests me to know how the scores are calculated (to actually compare against someone else). Based on some scores I’ve seen it isn’t linear (unless I’m missing some information). Does it follow a quadratic, or exponential algorithm? Thanks, Jeremy

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