AMD: Multi-Core CPU Support Is Disabled in PhysX


After the story where PhysX GPU that is disabled when a Radeon is used for graphics rendering, today, AMD accuses NVIDIA to have disabled the support of multi-core CPU in PhysX in order to sell more GeForce GPUs…

bit-tech: -so we’ll see AMD GPU physics in 2010?

Richard Huddy (AMD Developer Relations): Bullet should be available certainly in 2010, yes. At the very least for ISVs to work with to get stuff ready.

The other thing is that all these CPU cores we have are underutilised and I’m going to take another pop at Nvidia here. When they bought Ageia, they had a fairly respectable multicore implementation of PhysX. If you look at it now it basically runs predominantly on one, or at most, two cores. That’s pretty shabby! I wonder why Nvidia has done that? I wonder why Nvidia has failed to do all their QA on stuff they don’t care about – making it run efficiently on CPU cores – because the company doesn’t care about the consumer experience it just cares about selling you more graphics cards by coding it so the GPU appears faster than the CPU.

It’s the same thing as Intel’s old compiler tricks that it used to do; Nvidia simply takes out all the multicore optimisations in PhysX. In fact, if coded well, the CPU can tackle most of the physics situations presented to it. The emphasis we’re seeing on GPU physics is an over-emphasis that comes from one company having GPU physics… promoting PhysX as if it’s Gods answer to all physics problems, when actually it’s more a solution in search of problems.

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