(VGA Hack) How To Make a VGA Dummy Plug

VGA Dummy Plug

VGA Dummy Plug

A VGA dummy plug is a simple hack to fool the GPU and Windows by let them thinking there is a monitor plugged on a card. This hack is useful in some situations where you have two or more graphics cards and need them to be active:

  • running F@H on more than 1 card: the Folding @ Home GPU client requires the card to be active (with its own desktop) to then be able to initiate folding on the graphics core (see HERE).
  • enabling a NVIDIA card for PhysX while the first card (a Radeon) is used for 3D rendering (see HERE).

The VGA dummy principle is simple: simulating the monitor RGB channels load with 3 resistors. Any resistor between 50 and 150 ohms is okay.

VGA Dummy Plug electronic scheme

Here is the electronic scheme for a DVI connector:

VGA Dummy Plug electronic scheme - DVI connector

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