GPU Caps Viewer 1.8.2 Available

GPU Caps Viewer 1.8.2 with OpenCL support

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GPU Caps 1.8.2 Win32 installer
GPU Caps 1.8.2 ZIP archive

This new update of GPU Caps Viewer is essentially a bugfix release. With first OpenGL 3.0 drivers (drivers that support only OpenGL 3.0 like R186.18), the OpenGL context creation fell in an infinite loop. I also changed the way OpenCL contexts are created and now you can start an OpenCL CPU demo on a NVIDIA system using AMD’s OpenCL implementation:

OpenCL CPU on NVIDIA with AMD's OpenCL


  • Bugfix: OpenGL 3 context creation with old OpenGL 3.0 drivers like forceware 186.18. The bug led to an infinite loop.
  • Bugfix: number of shader processors of Radeon HD 4830 in GPU database fixed.
  • New: if OpenCL CPU is supported, the OpenCL checkbox caption is renamed in OpenCL(CPU).
  • Change: improved OpenCL platforms management for the creation of OpenCL context in demos.

ZoomGPU has been updated as well as GPU Caps PRO.