OpenCTM 1.0.2: Compressed 3D Meshes SDK Available

OpenCTM 3D Viewer

The new version of OpenCTM is out. OpenCTM (Open Compressed Triangle Mesh) is a file format allowing the compression of 3D meshes. I posted a code sample HERE.

The OpenCTM SDK includes a 3D object viewer (works only in command line) supporting common 3D formats such as 3DS or OBJ. This tool is useful because it can export any loadable format to the OpenCTM one (*.ctm). The SDK includes also exporters for Blender and Maya.

The header image shows an OBJ object called virus.obj. Here are some interesting numbers:

  • virus.obj size: 391 KB
  • virus.obj compressed with ZIP: 114 KB
  • virus.obj compressed with RAR: 107 KB
  • virus.ctm size (compressed with the object viewer): 20 KB

You can download OpenCTM SDK HERE.

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