TNGViewer Available


A new version of TNGViewer is out. TNGViewer is a standalone application for real time 3D interactive presentations. You can use TNGViewer as a 3D object viewer (3DS, OBJ, FBX, DXF, DAE, LWO and LWS). For more complex real time 3D scenes, you have to use the TNG 3D scene format. But the tool to create such scene files is still not available…

Among the features of TNGViewer, there are: OpenGL rendering, opening both local and remote TNG 3D scenes, loading common 3D formats and saving movies and images of live presentations. There is also a TNGPlayer Plugin for all major web browsers.

The main new feature of version is the support for multiple and completely independent windows in TNGViewer.

TNGViewer is available for Windows and Mac OS X and you can download this new update HERE

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