[TIPS] How To Know If a PhysX Application Uses PhysX GPU

PhysX Visual Indicator

PhysX Visual Indicator

This is a little trick to know if a PhysX application is running with software PhysX or GPU PhysX.

With NVIDIA’s display drivers R195.xx like the latest R195.62 WHQL, just open the NVIDIA Control Panel and you’ll find in the 3D Settings menu bar item, the PhysX Visual Indicator ON/OFF.

PhysX Visual Indicator

If the application uses PhysX GPU, you will see PhysX > GPU otherwise you’ll see PhysX > CPU like in the GeeXLab simple PhysX demo:

PhysX Visual Indicator - GeeXLab

I will look at GeeXLab code if everything is ok because PhysX CPU is not normal…
This functionality seems to be useful to developers 😉