Overclocking a Radeon HD 5850


MSI Afterburner

Icrontic has published a tutorial about averclocking a Radeon HD 5850. They use several tools to achieve the overclocking:

  • AMD GPU Clock Tool: the AMD-approved overclocking utility which bypasses BIOS limitations.
  • MSI Afterburner: for controlling the card’s fan speed. MSI Afterburner is based on Rivatuner.
  • FurMark: Stress-testing application for your overclock.
  • Unigine Heaven: Direct3D 11 benchmarking tool.

Here’s the result of their overclocking:

  • HD 5850 (Stock) = 725MHz Core / 1000MHz RAM
  • HD 5850 (OC) = 800MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
  • HD 5850 (OC+1.15V) = 875MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
  • HD 5850 (OC+1.225V) = 925MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM

In benchmark results, the increase of performance is around 10%.

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12 thoughts on “Overclocking a Radeon HD 5850”

  1. Psolord

    I posted something earlier, that didn’t get posted and now I try to repost it and the system says duplicate post detected! wtf?

  2. Psolord

    Well, using these two tools, I have overclocked my 5850 at 1Ghz/1.25Ghz.

    What people need to understand, is that the 5850 uses the same memory modules as the 5870, which are 5GT/s capable, so there is no problem running them at 1250Mhz. Moreover, even if that pushes them to the limits, you cannot crash a GDDR5 based evergreen because the worst thing that happes upon error, is the resend of the data. Ok if you overdo it, you end up with less performance but the whole system is very tolerant.

    I have measured the performance increase and it is a solid 30% over the stock clocks. Unfortunately it is not uber stable in all games, but so far the only games that crashed are Fear 2 and Trine and that is at very specific location, so i guess there is a shader running there that is too difficult. Problem solved at 950Mhz though, and it remains to be seen if I can go a bit higher for these two!

  3. JeGX Post Author

    Don’t worry Psolord, finish to post your links, I’ll do comments cleanup after 😉

  4. Psolord

    Oh ok. Sorry for the spamming! 🙁

    I’m finished, I just can’t post the Youtube links. They are in your database I guess, so if it’s not too much trouble, paste them at the on of my large message!


  5. Psolord

    Cool, thanks!

    The otherday, in another website, the antispam filter deleted my whole account, due to some “misconfiguration”, lol! So your antispam filter is ok I guess!

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  7. RyTech

    I have my 5850 @ 900/1250 stable iv had it at 950/1250 but run hot in 70c

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