Overclocking a Radeon HD 5850


MSI Afterburner

Icrontic has published a tutorial about averclocking a Radeon HD 5850. They use several tools to achieve the overclocking:

  • AMD GPU Clock Tool: the AMD-approved overclocking utility which bypasses BIOS limitations.
  • MSI Afterburner: for controlling the card’s fan speed. MSI Afterburner is based on Rivatuner.
  • FurMark: Stress-testing application for your overclock.
  • Unigine Heaven: Direct3D 11 benchmarking tool.

Here’s the result of their overclocking:

  • HD 5850 (Stock) = 725MHz Core / 1000MHz RAM
  • HD 5850 (OC) = 800MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
  • HD 5850 (OC+1.15V) = 875MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM
  • HD 5850 (OC+1.225V) = 925MHz Core / 1175MHz RAM

In benchmark results, the increase of performance is around 10%.

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