Unigine Heaven OpenGL and Direct3D Tech Demo Available

Unigine Heaven Tech Demo

[youtube 9F6zSgtRnkE]

The developers of Unigine 3D engine have released a new tech demo / benchmark. This tech demo comes with four codepaths: OpenGL, Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10 and Direct3D 11. I only tested the codepaths that run under WinXP, the OpenGL and the DX9.

This is a nice tech demo even if somtimes the DoF (depth of field) effect is too strong. The Direct3D 9 codepath runs without problem at around 20 FPS on my Radeon HD 5770.

Unigine Heaven Tech Demo

But the OpenGL codepath seems to have some problems (bugs in the 3D engine or bugs in Catalyst drivers, I don’t know). Anyway, here are some screenshots
that show the bug:

Unigine Heaven Tech Demo

Unigine Heaven Tech Demo

Unigine Heaven Tech Demo

Unigine Heaven Tech Demo

Hope this will help Unigine developers!

The developers of Unigine just told me that the bug comes from ATI Catalyst driver and ATI driver team is working to fix it 😉


9 thoughts on “Unigine Heaven OpenGL and Direct3D Tech Demo Available”

  1. Chris

    Very nice demo. Do you really only get 20fps with a 5770? I get over 60 with a 4870. And oddly opengl is the slowest mode (40fps) for me and dx9 the fastest, dx11 and 10 halfway between those.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Yep around 20-25 FPS (cpu = amd x2 3800+) but really far from 60FPS. I will do another test on a system with a more powerful cpu. Maybe this demo is cpu-dependent…

  3. Benchmark King

    There’s definitely something wrong with the ATI OpenGL driver code.

    With the OpenCL Beta drivers (+2 new OpenGL extensions), the bugs are even worse. Black screens all the way 🙁

    The OpenGL 3 test in GLview is another example where you can see ugly artifacts. It happens with all drivers. To see the artifacts, set the resolution to 640×480 @ 60Hz and run the OGL3 test in fullscreen mode.

    ‘Even with the Direct3D9 codepath, it’s way too slow – around 20fps’

    20fps at what resolution/ gfx settings? The default ones (1024×768 @ 60Hz, 0xAA , 4xAF, Direct3D 9)?

  4. Pedro

    Well thats normal he only get that frame rate…

    First he have tesslation that improves A LOT the visual quality, and for what i know.. its very heavy.

    But .. Catalist drivers are too green now.. they have a lot to optimize, and even this techdemo have some bugs..

    But its normal people that have HD 5*** run slower than people that have HD 4*** cause of the tesslation xD

  5. Catflanges

    Even in DX10.1 mode, this looks amazing! I was kinda dissapointed with the UEngine tropics demo, but this has definately won me over 🙂

  6. Leith Bade

    There seems to be a few bugs…

    On Win7 with lastest drivers and 8800GT SLI I get between 5 to 15 FPS in OpenGL, and the desktop picture keeps flickering ontop of the screen.

    DX’s work fine except that DX11 with 16x AF causes objects to become invisible and eventually you get a black screen.

    DX9 doesn’t seem to like any AA as it will fail with an error about setting the back buffer mode.

  7. Leith Bade

    Forgot to mention that for DX10/11 30-70 FPS and DX9 50-120 FPS depending on where you look with the camera.

    CPU is Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (in x64 mode)

  8. Leith Bade

    The Tropics demo seems to have the same bugs in OpenGL and DX9

    Sanctuary only has the OpenGL issue.

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