World First Single Slot GeForce GTX 260+ Graphics Card

Galaxy GeForce GTX260+ Razor Edition

This GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition (core 216: 216 shader cores) is the first one slot height GeForce GTX 260+ with a height of 14.2mm. This card is cooled by a Vapor Chamber technology based cooler, leading to a small but powerful cooler. But is this cooler really performant and above all, is it quiet?

Galaxy GeForce GTX260+ Razor Edition



  • Shy Shalom

    World First Single Slot … Graphics Card ?

    You might want to consider rephrasing that…

  • berak dicelana

    Too late for geforce gt200. People now focus on buying hd5800 or waiting for gt300. The cooler performance is doubtful

  • I wouldn’t mind one of these for PhysX along with some dual-GPU Fermis 🙂

  • mm…i would like to have 7 of this babys..running in a evga 4way sli mobo…they would be good for folding@home. or 3 (3-way SLI) of them in a mid tower case.