CXT8000: NVIDIA Tesla-based Server with 1920 CUDA Cores for GPU Computing!

NVIDIA Tesla Server

This picture comes from GPU Technology Conference and shows a Colfax‘s CXT8000 4U Rackmount Server with 8 NVIDIA Tesla computing cards. Each computing card is a NVIDIA Tesla C1060 with 240 shader cores (or un the new terminology, 240 CUDA cores!) and 4GB of onboard memory. A simple calculation gives: 8 * 240 = 1920 CUDA cores…

NVIDIA Tesla Server

NVIDIA Tesla Server



  • taikucing

    I just want to say, WOW!

  • adam

    can i play crysis at super high. lol, had to say that.

    so want to buy it so i can do some awesome folding on it 🙂

  • marcvs

    Hah! With integrated VGA controller! xD

  • Vans

    Hi, i try run TEtris and is not working, “out of memory” lol!!!!
    Nice product! folding@home or SETI@home gracefully!!

  • wo

    wo !!!

    In 2009, 240 cuda cores for 10.000$ !

    In 2012, sli of GTX 560ti = 768 cuda cores for 350$ !