NVIDIA GT300 Has 512 Cores and Supports C++


The upcoming NVIDIA GPU, the GT300 codenamed Fermi will have 512 cores, up to 6GB GDDR5 memory (I hope 16kx16k textures will be supported ;) ) and interesting news, the GT300 will support natively the C++ language:

Fermi architecture natively supports C [CUDA], C++, DirectCompute, DirectX 11, Fortran, OpenCL, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenGL 3.2. Now, you’ve read that correctly – Fermi comes with a support for native execution of C++. For the first time in history, a GPU can run C++ code with no major issues or performance penalties and when you add Fortran or C to that, it is easy to see that GPGPU-wise, nVidia did a huge job.

What does it mean ? No need CUDA anymore ?
Then this simple loop

for (i=0; i<1000000; ++i)

will be spread on GT300 cores ?



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