AMD Eyefinity: Play Games at an Insane 7680×3200 Resolution!

AMD EyeFinity

AMD EyeFinity
Six 30″ LCD monitors: 7680×3200

Eyefinity is AMD’s brand new technology that will be available with AMD DirectX 11 graphics cards (Evergreen GPUs). These new graphics cards have up to six independent displays outputs allowing to connect from one to six monitors to just one video card.

But if you plug four DX11 graphics cards in a PC, you’ll get a demonic 15360×6400 resolution: (4 video cards) x (6 outputs) = 24 LCD monitors!

AMD EyeFinity
Twenty four 30″ LCD monitors: 15360×6400

Wait a minute… I guess that trading floors will love these new graphics cards 😉

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Update (2009.09.14)