NVIDIA OptiX Demos Available for Windows

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Cook

NVIDIA has presented at the SIGGRAPH 2009, a new technology called OptiX. OptiX is a real time and programmable ray tracer optimized for GPUs. Now the first demos based on OptiX are available.

NVIDIA says: “To run these samples, you will need an NVIDIA Quadro FX GPU and an R190 or later NVIDIA graphics driver.“. Actually seems not. I managed to run the demo on my GeForce GTX 295. Cool 😉

1/ Cook
You can download this demo HERE.
This example made famous by Rob Cook demonstrates distribution ray tracing for generating glossy reflections, depth of field and object motion blur.

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Cook

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Cook

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Cook

On my GeForce GTX 295 (with ForceWare 190.62), the demo runs at around 40 FPS.

2/ Fractals with the Julia Set
You can download this demo HERE.
A completely procedural scene demonstrating ray-fractal intersection and real-time ambient occlusion with constant deformation.

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Fractal - Julia Set

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Fractal - Julia Set

On my GeForce GTX 295, the demo runs at around 30 FPS.

3/ Whitted
You can download this demo HERE.
This seminal example of ray tracing made famous by Turner Whitted demonstrates reflection and refraction with procedural geometry and materials.

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Whitted

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Whitted
In this screenshot you can see a kind of preview before final rendering when you move the camera

NVIDIA OptiX demo: Whitted

On my GeForce GTX 295, the demo runs at around 40 FPS.

19 thoughts on “NVIDIA OptiX Demos Available for Windows”

  1. Jose

    You ran them on a GTX295? I can’t on my 260, the command line window says no quadro fx detected :/

  2. Jose

    I guess it might be the drivers, but mine are 190.38 which isn’t that old 😛 If anyone has other idea im listening, otherwise i’ll update drivers when i have a bit more time.

  3. Cyril

    I am interested to know how you bypassed the test for quadro board ? Is changing the device name enough ? How did you do it on windows ?

  4. JeGX Post Author

    I did nothing special, just downloaded the demos and ran them. Maybe the GTX 295 is recognized as a Quadro, I don’t know…

  5. Jose

    then i hope its the drives, if anyone else tries and can pseudo-confirm anything i’d apreciate 😛 when i update drivers this afternoon i’ll let you know though

  6. Cyril

    It seems so because I can’t get them running on my GTX280. Could you take a look at the device name provided by windows ? Is it indicating “Quadro” ?

  7. Cyril

    No, I was thinking of NVIDIA control panel “System Information”, or windows device manager.

  8. Cyril

    OK thanks a lot !
    I was thinking that the demos may be just looking at the device name string to find “quadro” in order to accept running. But it don’t seems to be the case since your geforce is well recognized as geforce by the system. NVIDIA must have another internal way to detect quadros.
    Maybe it’s because it’s a dual GPUs card…
    Badly I didn’t find any way to make the demos running on my card 🙁

    Whatever, thanks for your help !

    PS: I have seen the Turner scene demo at Siggraph, and I didn’t find it so impressive, it seems really slow to me, especially only for tracing two procedural spheres and a plane !

  9. Zavie

    Looks like the next Marbble Madness will looks amazing, though requiring a 200 W bleeding-edge GPU of the death. 🙂

    I’m just kidding. This sure let us expect some real hot stuff in rendering in the upcoming years. Demo makers are already using GPU ray marching a lot, especially in 4k intros.

  10. CoinCoin

    I’m disappointed. Doing real-time ray-tracing on procedural spheres and planes does not require a graphic card ! I was expecting something more impressive from NVIDIA. This is at best a tutorial for Optix programmers.

  11. Plopiman

    Yeah, i’m agree with CoinCoin ; By the way, in a cup of years, GPU will be deprecated and all renders will be done in ray tracing by CPU’s.

    But i would like to see that in motion ; unfortunatly i only have a GF4. Could you post a video ?
    thanks !


    I can’t run them on my GTX 260c216 either. 190.62 drivers! 🙁

  13. MaelstromOC

    Worked just fine for me with SLI GTX 260 Core 216’s. I just downloaded the demos and ran them (this is with the 190.62 drivers of course)

  14. techjesse

    All Tests ran Great 38 to 45 fps e8500 SLI GTX 260 Core 261 EVGA.I like the balls.

  15. Oli

    Sounds like SLI or quadro is needed shame, i get 4fps at work on a quadro fx 1700, wonder what my overclocked gtx 260 at home could do….

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