Powder Toy Physics Simulation Game

Powder Toy Physics Simulator

Powder Toy is a physics simulation game.
You can grab a version (Windows, MacOSX and Linux) of Powder Toy HERE.

You can download The Powder Toy HERE @ Geeks3D.com.

Try it, it’s really funny!

I think an OpenCL version of Powder Toy has been used in this AMD demo.

Powder Toy Physic Simulator

24 thoughts on “Powder Toy Physics Simulation Game”

  1. filip007

    It run’s realtime on my 9600mGT so i don’t need 6×4 AMD system.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Yes on my rig the simulation runs very smoothly too 😀
    I think this version is only based on the CPU so the GPU isn’t important.

  3. Artino

    This tiny game is awesome!!
    Powder toys runs great with my Pentium D 3GHz and GeForce 9600GT…

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  5. Smeagg

    And it works perfect in my pc, which is a P4 2.6 with 512 of ram 😛

    However if I use scale:2 then it becomes very slow…

  6. jakkk

    i cant download it or get onto the home website (http://powder.unaligned.org) its as if its not connecting or something. sll my mates have this problem too. anyone got another site where i can download this from?? i REALLY want to play it!!!

  7. srfgsgff

    I think the website (powder.unaligned.org) is down. If anyone has any info on when it will be up that would be great.

  8. megaddd

    the http://unaligned.powder.org seems to be down for like a month to me, i’ve tried different pc’s on diff. Networks. But none of them work. If anyone could upload it somewhere like file front, that would be awesome. Anyways, guess we’ll all will just have to wait…

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  10. eli2000

    i don’t know when there going to put it back up again. they took it off because this one kid in my school played it and it caused a virus in the whole school.

  11. eli2000

    i know how to get it back. put it on your flash drive from one computer and then put in another and then like baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam you have it.!.!.!.!.!

  12. Christopher Murray

    Are you telling me that I can’t save or load any of my projects (which I spent hours working on) anymore FOREVER just because some kid in your school caused a virus with it?! And you’re sure it’s because this kid did this, not because of a server issue? Well, I must say, I am very disappointed. (I don’t swear)

  13. Terminatorsara

    It’s really gay that we can’t play it at school anymore. I love that game. I can barely ever play that game at home. I’m so pissed.

  14. gary

    i love this game

    nuclear bombs
    anti-matter weaponry
    air pressure

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