Parallel Rendering: Cross-Segment Load-Balancing in Equalizer

Equalizer is an open source middleware that allows to create parallel OpenGL applications. Parallel OpenGL means parallel rendering or the ability to use several GPUs to perform the real time 3D rendering.

The upcoming version 0.9 of Equalizer will add an advanced scalability feature called Cross-Segment Load-Balancing. Stefan Eilemann, the lead developer of Equalizer, gives us a more détailed description of this feature:

Depending on the model position and data structure, each segment of a multi-display system has a different rendering load. The segment with the highest load determines the overall performance. Cross-segment load-balancing equalizes the load on all segments of a view by dynamically assigning resources to displays. Cross-segment load-balancing in Equalizer can use resources from another display
channel as well as additional, off-screen GPU’s.

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