Google Earth Like: Real Time Planet Rendering

A kind of Google Earth application with physically based rendering. Data comes from Blue Marble Next Generation from Nasa Earth Observatory (the whole Earth at 500 meters per pixel).

The real time 3D OpenGL demo with a huge 3.6Gb dataset is available HERE.



  • The videos look interesting… Does it work with ATI? The official page states that it’s only guaranteed to work with (specific) nVidia cards…

  • Dan

    Look amazing! Unfortunately couldn’t get it to work correctly on a ATI HD 4870 with the newest Catalyst 9.7 drivers. Just a flat blue ball and some ugly tearing artifacts. 🙁

  • Save yourself the download, its really very lame.

    You basically see the globe, and then you can zoom in a bit, but there is not ANY details, its not like anything as shown in the videos!

    If you eg. zoom onto a city, all you see is a blurry patch, no details at all.

    Also, there is nothing really 3d about it. The videos looked good, their website and the screesnhows also…but that “demo” download and those data probably only contain 500m/pix resolution…very disappointed.

  • jake

    it wouldnt even start on my computer
    ATI HD4850
    Vista 64-bit