How To Overclock Your Graphics Card for Free

Overclocking Guide: How To Speed Up Your Graphics Card for Free

Here is a quick overclocking guide. Basically, to overclock your graphics card (or speed up the graphics card), you need RivaTuner and FurMark.

The overclocking is achieved in two steps:

  • 1/ GPU overclocking: increase core speed by 5MHz with RivaTuner and check stability with FurMark. Repeat until you see artefacts / glitches. At this moment drop speed by 5MHz until you don’t see artefacts anymore.
  • 2/ Memory overclocking: set GPU core to default clock and overclock memory like you did for the GPU core.
  • 3/ Apply both overclocking speed and check global stability with FurMark. Adjust settings if necessary.

There are two kinds of artefacts that can appear when clocks are too high:
small dots: GPU core clock is too high
large splashes: memory speed is too high.

This news shows a nice example of artefact with FurMark:

Overclocking: artefact with FurMark

So, from the previous explanation, the squares you see on the furry donut are due to a too high memory clock.


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