OSG Composer: OpenGL 3D Scene Editor

OSG Composer

There are moments like now where 3D utilities pop up on the web in a short lapse of time: after MeshLab and TNGViewer, it’s the turn to a new application called OSG Composer to be in the spotlight.

OSG Composer is an interactive 3D scene editor and uses the OpenGL API to take advantage of hardware acceleration. OSG Composer is based on OpenSceneGraph (OSG), an open source 3D engine (C++ / OpenGL).


In the very quick test I did, I loaded an OBJ model and created a 3D text. No particular problem. The 3D manipulator is useful to move and rotate 3D objects. The material manager is simple but functional. Oddly I didn’t find the way to add shaders (GLSL). Maybe a limitation of the lite version…