MARS 295: Dual GeForce GTX 285 With 4GB of Graphics Memory

ASUS will release a new graphics card made with two G200-350-B3 GPUs. This GPU is one that is behind the GeForce GTX 285. ASUS new card will be called MARS 295 Limited Edition and will be an official GTX 295 (same device ID):

Each MARS 295 GPU will have access to 2Gb of graphics memory (512-bit GDDR3) giving us a total of 4GB. Cool to process HD video in realtime (video jockeys, this is your card)!

And here is what happens when a hardcore overclocker (kinc) can touch the ASUS 295:

Notice the two power supply units…

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2 thoughts on “MARS 295: Dual GeForce GTX 285 With 4GB of Graphics Memory”

  1. catalisator

    EU ??? nice but ,

    The hardcore overclocker will notice that the MARS has 2x GTX285 rather than 295 !!..

    So i think something went wrong.!

    but the setup is nice .!!!

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