OCCT 3.1 Available With an Improved GPU Stress Test

OCCT 3.1 GPU test

OCCT 3.10 is out now. OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) is an stability test utility for overclockers. It allows to test the CPU, the system memory and the GPU. You can download it HERE.

I tested the GPU stress part and I must say it does a good job. Here is a small comparative between OCCT GPU and FurMark (the graphics card was an EVGA’s GeForce GTX 280 with default clocks).

Test settings: duration: 180 seconds, resolution: 1024×768 windowed

  • OCCT GPU – shader complexity 0: GPU temperature: 85°C at the end
  • OCCT GPU – shader complexity 8: GPU temperature: 85°C at the end
  • FurMark – stability test normal mode: GPU temperature: 86/87°C after one minute and 84°C at the end (I don’t explain the drop to 84°C)
  • FurMark – stability test Xtreme mode: GPU temperature: 86/87°C after one minute and 85°C at the end

Keep in mind that OCCT GPU uses Direct3D acceleration while FurMark uses OpenGL acceleration. In both cases (OCCT GPU and FurMark) the current required exceeded 80A (amperes) so power consumption was around 100W for the GTX 280!

OCCT 3.1

From PCINpact, the new version of OCCT gives some troubles to Radeon 4870 and 4890 with a reference PCB: if the current exceeds 83.3A, Radeon cards simply crash! Like FurMark, OCCT GPU will certainly have a tweak in next Catalyst drivers 😉