MSI GeForce N260GTX Lightning 1792MB is Hot and Loud!

MSI GeForce GTX 260 Lightning

This GeForce GTX 260 (with 216 shader cores) from MSI is cooled by the Twin Frozr, a GPU cooler with five heatpipes, dual slot heatsink and two big fans. From the name and the images, this GPU cooler seems to be really efficient but the reality is different. When the GPU is stressed, the cooler is loud: 52db! Unbearable! But besides being noisy, the cooler seems to have some difficulties to do its job:

MSI GeForce GTX 260 Lightning - GPU temperature

When the video card is stressed by FurMark, the temperature reaches 100°C, which is a very high temperature for a GPU. One possible explanation is that the graphics card is pre-overclocked by MSI, and that explains such a high temperature.


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    52db, 100C? They should call it GTX 260 EF Edition (EF=Epic Fail)!