Demoscene 4k-Intro: Elevated by RGBA and TBC

Nice 4k intro on the video but I didn’t manage to run it. I put the d3d9_33.dll in the intro’s dir but nothing to do. Maybe an issue with the latest ForceWare 185.66 I use. Fortunately Youtube exists! Anyway, this is a Direct3D 9 real time 3D intro released at the Breakpoint 2009.


From the elevated.txt:

believe it or not, this was running at 30 fps in a gefoce 7900 at some
point, but size optimizations forced us to ask you for a pretty decent
graphics card, like a geforce 8800gtx or hd4850. please, make sure you
have d3d9_33.dll somewhere there. also, you only need windows xp.

we are providing the following versions of the intro:

elevated_1024x768.exe (letterboxed)
elevated_1280x1024.exe (letterboxed)
elevated_1440x900.exe (letterboxed)

the last version (hq) contains more geometry than the others. only for
those who have monster machines or are living in the future.

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