DirectX 10.1 Increases Game Performance Over DirectX 10.0


  • Adam

    how do we know this is genuine. it could be a good GPU on the right and a rubbish one on the left. unless we see the gpu’s running in the system that are running this demo then this test is rubbish. i want hard facts

  • Yep you’re right, I hope it’s the same CPU on both demos.

  • filip007

    it is genuine…

    Try Unigine Tropics Demo and use DX10.1 some scene is aboat 5FPS more on 3870.

  • patrick

    I trust there is a significant increase but no way will i believe that its 20 – 25% better across the board with just a directx update… It will probably be more like 8-10% but hey that’s pretty damn good for a software update if you ask me anyway.