GLEE 5.4 Released


The new version of GLEE is ready to be downloaded. GLEE (GL Easy Extension library) is a free cross-platform extension loading library for OpenGL developers. GLEE is nice because it works in lazy mode, no initialization step is required. Just call the OpenGL function you need and that’s all!

GLEE is the same kind of library than GLEW.

GLEE 5.4 Changelog:

  • fixes for GL_NV_gpu_program4, GL_EXT_shader_program4.
  • Added 5 new extensions :
    * GL_EXT_texture_swizzle
    * GL_NV_explicit_multisample
    * GL_NV_transform_feedback2
    * WGL_NV_gpu_affinity
    * GLX_ARB_create_context
  • Various dead/dummy extensions have been removed, including :
    * GL_NV_geometry_program4 (merged with GL_NV_gpu_program4)
    * GL_NV_vertex_program4 (merged with GL_NV_gpu_program4)
    * GL_NV_fragment_program4 (merged with GL_NV_gpu_program4)
    * WGL_NV_video_out (renamed to WGL_NV_video_output)