ATI Catalyst 9.1 Out NOW with Full Support for OpenGL 3.0!

Catalyst graphics driver

AMD/ATI has at last published their set of Catalyst graphics drivers for all Radeon-based videocards. The main feature of this new version 9.1 is the full support of OpenGL 3.0 contexts on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux on Radeon HD 2400 and above!

More about Catalyst crash here: Catalyst 9.1 Does Not Like glGetString(GL_VERSION)!.


I just tested FurMark 1.6.0 with Catalyst 9.1 on a Radeon HD 4850 and there is a nice CRASH! So I guess I have to bugfix FurMark as well as GPU Caps Viewer 1.7.0 (not released but it crashes too!)… S**t! Will do it tomorrow… Currently I’m playing with some post-processing fx…

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