NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL Roadmaps – CUDA PTX Bytecode


IN this CUDA roadmap, we can see that a version 3.0 is planned at the end of 2009. And here is the OpenCL roadmap. The first release of OpenCL is planned for July 2009:


OpenCL does not mean the end of CUDA. CUDA is a proprietary API that allows NVIDIA to update it quickly and frequently to add new GPU features without unveil the architecture of NVIDIA new GPUs. So CUDA will be always ahead of OpenCL in terms of features.

CUDA and OpenCL compilers will use the same byte code called: CUDA PTX This byte code is used to create the low level code executed by the GPU:

NVIDIA CUDA / OpenCL compilers

This technique is not new on NVIDIA graphics cards. The GLSL (the OpenGL shading Language) is compiled via the Cg compiler. There are many common things between CUDA and OpenCL then it’s almost logical that NVIDIA uses its work on CUDA to offer OpenCL. And I think DirectX11 Compute shader will follow the same path.



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